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The present section gives a short description of the site's updates.

April 10th, 2009
bullet You can find the new Morroco paintings of Patrick Martin on the website :

November 24th, 2007
bulletUpdate of the galleries with 31 new pastel paintings done in the south Morroco in 2007. Look at gallery_7
gallery 8
. and gallery_9.
January 23th, 2006
bulletUpdate of the galleries with 16 new pastel paintings done in the streets (Morroco). Look at gallery 8
July 20th,  2004
bulletAnnouncement of the 9th pastel exhibition of Bazouge La Perouse, where Patrick Martin is the guest oh honour. 
March 29th,  2004
bulletAnnouncement of a personnal exhibition called : "Following the tracks of Majorelle..."  
December 15th, 2003
bulletUpdate of the galleries with 17 new pastel paintings done in the streets of Marrakech (Morroco). Look at gallery 7.
October 21th, 2003
bulletUpdate of the galleries with 27 landscapes (landscapes of Britain) (see gallery 2, gallery 4 and gallery 6).
July 5th, 2003
bulletIntroduction of a new page named  "Paper" for the feature of Patrick Martin in the french magazine
"Dessin et Peinture" (Draw and Painting).
November 25th, 2002
bulletUpdate of the site with a new page named "Demonstration" .
You will find in it, the description of a stage by stage Patrick painting.
November 19th, 2002
bulletThe virtual galleries of Patrick are updated with :
26 new landscapes (Gallery 4 and Gallery 6)
12 new still lifes (Gallery 5)
bulletNew page : "step by step"
October 30th, 2002
bulletUpdate of the exhibitions list.
February 10th, 2002
bulletUpdate of the links page 
October 11, 2001
bulletUpdate of the planning of the Patrick's exhibitions 
July 20, 2001
bulletUpdate of the guestbook with a page for acknowlegement.
July 1rst, 2001
bulletThanks to John Knapp, of the Northwest Pastel Society , I have rectified some english mispellings.
June 25, 2001
bulletUpdate for a better view with Netscape (Tm) and  iMac (Tm).
May 25, 2001
bulletYou can enter the virtual Gallery of Patrick
May 15, 2001
bulletBirth of a web-site..

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